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Tips To Make Your Dog Stand Out On Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media plays a huge role in today’s society. Whether we’re watching TikToks of a cool new dance, looking at the latest tweet from our favorite celebrity, or checking out an Instagram post from @woofwearcollars, everything we love is on social media. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual for our pets to have their own Instagram or Facebook account. If you’re a social media veteran or just starting an account for your special pup, here are some tips and tricks to make your best friend stand out. From luxury dog collars to dressing up your pup, there are many things you can do to step up your social media game.

Show Off your Dog's Uniqueness

With thousands of pet accounts scattered across the internet, how can you make your pet stand out? We know your furry friend is special, but you need to show the world just how special they are. Choose things that make your pup unique and highlight them! Everyone loves unusual mixed breeds like a Pomsky, Chowski, Chug or Corgle. If you have an interesting dog breed, show them off to all of your followers! Even if your dog isn’t a mixed breed, you can still show off a unique skill, physical feature, or weird behavior. Dogs are like humans, no one is exactly the same, just find what makes your dog shine and show it off to the world! 

Dress Them with Quality  Accessories 

Nothing accentuates a dog’s personality like a designer dog collar and a matching leash. Make your dog stand out with the help of a Woof Wear collar or leash. Whether your furry friend would look good in a crystal Diva collar or a classic All Pearl collar, we have the right collar combination for you. We offer our collars in many colors like pink, blue, lavender, black, and purple, materials like leather, suede, and print, and accessories like studs, spikes, and lead glass crystals. Whatever your dog’s personality, Woof Wear has a custom dog collar to match.  


Post Often with Quality Photos

If you really want to show off your pampered pet on social media, make sure to take quality photos with various backgrounds and locations. This will ensure your background will be just as interesting as your pup. If you really want to step up your puppy posting game, try getting professional photos taken to show off lasting memories of you and your pet. Lastly, make sure to post often, with various outfits and collar combinations. Posting often with different outfits and collars will keep your followers engaged and always wanting more. With thousands of different leather dog collar and leash combinations, Woof Wear has the coolest collars to help dress your dog up for a photo shoot.

Our last tip is to have fun and enjoy the bonding time with your furry friend. Whether your pup gains Instagram fame or you just have pictures and memories to last a lifetime, your dog will love spending quality time with you and looking great doing it.